My granddaughter and I just completed Sarah de Jager’s one week digital art class in the New World School of Art. We loved the class and appreciated Sarah’s positive and encouraging approach. The course material and presentation were engaging and informative even though we are at different ages and levels of experience. Sarah’s teaching style is clear and well thought out, including the exercises that allowed us to explore Procreate while achieving assigned goals. It was so much fun! Lot’s of room for creativity and we were both surprised at how wonderful digital art tools are. Sarah presented valuable information in each class covering a wide range of helpful artistic skills while introducing what digital art can do and how it works. We are looking forward to taking more classes with Sarah and highly recommend her as a teacher. We loved her and are so excited about digital art now!

Sarah has been creating vivid artwork on a professional level since 2001. She enjoys helping others express themselves through artwork, and seeing what their imaginations come up with. She is now making her entire creative process available to others, through a series of online digital artwork courses. 


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