Having Sarah as my instructor was amazing because she is very kind and very lovely. She explains things very, very well, so that everyone can easily understand. She is very encouraging, and kind in explaining – she helps break down things that might look difficult, encouraging me to find the largest shapes first and then break it down further. She is a great instructor, and the class definitely helped my drawing, especially to see the overall shapes in everything. I’m now seeing the shapes to things when I look around me, the circles, rectangles, cylinders, and angles of lines – and how I would start to draw them! I now see things differently, which is very exciting. And also the part where we covered digital color, I loved that part it was really fun. I was not expecting to learn so much!

Sarah has been creating vivid artwork on a professional level since 2001. She enjoys helping others express themselves through artwork, and seeing what their imaginations come up with. She is now making her entire creative process available to others, through a series of online digital artwork courses. 


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